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Loft Cube: from Trailer Park Boys to …real men who know design?

This is interesting — via cultural blah blah: the sexy mobile home. Did I say sexy? I meant sexy! This isn’t your hick cousin’s trailer park trailer: this is tasty….

Design Cube

Called the Loft Cube, it’s currently making the rounds in Europe, according to Men Style. The design is by Werner Aisslinger. It’s 400-550 square feet, which isn’t palatial, but given the size of some newer condo developments, it’s square footage that can hold its own. For details on how to purchase, see the Loft Cube website…


  1. Neat. A colleague (with whom I’ll be working next week) is a bigwig in the Zodiaq(R) business (DoPont) mentioned on the site.

    Small world.

    Comment by Daryl Cobranchi — April 12, 2007 #

  2. No space for books!

    Comment by melanie — April 27, 2007 #

  3. Daryl: did you get a chance to mention this project to your colleague?

    Melanie: not to worry re. space for books. This is for such ueber-cool people, they won’t need actual books — they’ll have chip implants that allow for direct connection to the Library of Congress and other mega-holdings, which can be read on handy, flexible, nano-tech plastic screens, powered directly by human touch (no electricity required)…! People will drink some sort of Kool-Aid that contains nuclear radioactive particles (harmless, of course) capable of generating broadcast “electric” power, see. All they have to do is touch inert (but potentially instrumental) objects or gadgets, and presto!, they will spring to life, as video, computers, whatever. For hands-free operation, there’ll be special lanyards you can wear that clip on to the device. Or maybe special contact lenses, so that simply looking at a gadget will cause it to receive your broadcast power. These new technologies will completely transform our definition(s) of what it means to give life to something, and will make us love our machines.

    Ok, I think I better get some rest now. Overactive imagination and all… 😉

    Comment by yulelog — April 27, 2007 #

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