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Swim with the tide

I never thought that watching a video of tidal current could be interesting, but this one is. It’s on the Race Rocks website. The Race Rocks Ecological Preserve is off the southernmost tip of Vancouver Island, and it’s under the stewardship of Pearson College. The latter just announced that they have worked out a sizeable funding package (or joint project etc.) with a couple of private firms to build a free-stream tidal power generator — hence the fascinating tidal current video. It’s sort of like watching money being made, or energy coming into being, or something like that. At ~6 knots per hour at its peak, it’s an impressive powerstream, giving “go with the flow” a whole new meaning…


  1. makes you appreciate how difficult it was for them to blow up Ripple Rock in 1958 (still I believe the largest man made non-nuclear explosion).In Seymour Narrows the tide runs at 10+ knots.

    Comment by Doug Alder — March 7, 2005 #

  2. Thanks for that link, Doug! I couldn’t make the “click to play” link work, but the pages for the story (7 of them) clicked into view, no problem. What a story, what a “root canal”!

    Comment by Yule Heibel — March 12, 2005 #

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