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Testing nr. 4a

Ok final test — now trying the same thing (as per the last couple of posts), but using MarsEdit instead. It could be that the posting window in my preferred browser (Firefox) doesn’t like something about bits of invisible mystery code in TextEdit…, so let’s try this cool new MarsEdit thing:

Further testing: I’m going to post the following simple test entry, which I wrote using TextEdit, first using Internet Explorer, and then again — same text, copied and pasted — using Firefox. I expect it will illustrate the problem I’m having with HTML. Note that the problem started when the Firefox browser began displaying HTML and/or CSS options in the posting window, but irrespective of what I check or uncheck, the code gets messed up. Here’s the text:

I am so glad that I get to go to PaCTaC tomorrow and Thursday for a seminar with Bill Leiss. Should be interesting.

Looks like this’ll work…!

And I can do different typefont things!


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  1. This one was posted using MarsEdit, with text written in TextEdit. We tried posting with text written in Emacs (god, I had forgotten how much I HATE Emacs, which just proves that I am not a hacker and never will be and have no aspiration to be), and still something went haywire in Firefox and the links didn’t get made…

    Comment by Yule Heibel — January 27, 2005 #

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