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The Longest Now

Hypergene contemplates local news
Monday December 06th 2004, 9:42 pm
Filed under: popular demand

Hypergene writes about WikiNews,
the possibilities of the new medium, and all the people discovering
wikis these days.  Their thoughts on local news would be suitable
for disussion on WikiNews itself, but perhaps they will come up with
something sexy on their own, a meme for small communities.

Hypergene contemplates local news …

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The art of chain-letter marketing
Sunday December 05th 2004, 10:52 pm
Filed under: %a la mod

A “secret” site
devoted to selling you on the wonders of their new product makes
excellent use of a handful of chain letter tricks, graphic marketing
and referral tricks, and persuasive writing to sell you on… whatever
they have at hand.  In any circumstances, this would be something worth mentioning here.  In this case, the site is selling RSS Feeds as the next great way to get rich quick.

Feed marketing and a newly-selective breed of ad-selling should make
advertising much easier and cheaper to accomplish, diminishing one of
the parasitic sectors of the economy. 

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Good in all of us
Sunday December 05th 2004, 10:11 pm
Filed under: %a la mod

Me: “there’s a seed of good in all of us.”  

Behavioral Economist: [entirely serious] “I don’t know about that… but at least in 30% of subjects.”

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Fun at the presses : Cornell, Slash fantasies
Saturday December 04th 2004, 3:33 am
Filed under: %a la mod

First, Cornell.  I love the campus, some of the (former) student body.  Here’s a piece of brilliant trash
from their newspaper.  I wish the CrimEds were half as cheerfully
insolent.  Next, the slash : News of the wiki, or just the wicked?

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WP of all colours: WordPress et al
Friday December 03rd 2004, 4:48 am
Filed under: %a la mod

Everyone’s favorite WP is taking a back-burner to the most poplarly-labelled WP, WordPress.  Meanwhile, I’m thinking of migrating my  Manila to WP in order to avoid losing my text all the time (I can’t use WP as an embedded editor in this Frankensteinian Manila-IE-Word  textarea), and to escape silly hackers.

But I can’t let the TLA WP escape
my standard usage.  So no matter what platform I end up on, you
can continue to parse any leading-W acronyms that show up as “Wiki”, isfap

WP of all colours: WordPress et al …

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