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The Longest Now

Love, Ben Cohen
Monday February 09th 2004, 5:59 am
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A little dessert-guy budget logic.

Love, Ben Cohen …

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Primary Vote Counting in Seattle
Sunday February 08th 2004, 11:36 pm
Filed under: metrics

An amazing recounting of vote recounting, by danny from blogforamerica.  Waiting for his permission to keep this long excerpt up… wish I could link deeply into a list-of-comments.  And more on the odd counting, reporting, and “99%”ing of state delegates.

Primary Vote Counting in Seattle …

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Golden metrics
Sunday February 08th 2004, 6:04 pm
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Lovely!  Parachutes and all… wait a minute.  what?  I wonder what the original golden metrics were all about.

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Clark’s new rosy glasses
Friday February 06th 2004, 1:25 am
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I wonder what’s going through Clark’s mind as he rewrites his visions for the future, now…

Clark’s new rosy glasses …

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Wireless Transmission of Power
Thursday February 05th 2004, 7:19 pm
Filed under: fly-by-wire

Wireless Transmission of Power Now Possible! …and not a century too soon.

Wireless Transmission of Power …

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News as it should be [NAISB]: Ricin
Thursday February 05th 2004, 2:25 am
Filed under: metrics

Getting the news via wikipedia is so rewarding.  I get a paragraph about the recent ricin scares at the white house — both of them — and a page about ricin itself.  Excellent proportions.

News as it should be [NAISB]: Ricin …

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Social patterns, a la Bernays
Tuesday February 03rd 2004, 10:52 pm
Filed under: %a la mod

A timely comment on the vagaries of our times.

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible goverrnment which is the true ruling power of our country….Whatever attitude one chooses to take toward this condition, it remains a fact that in almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons…who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses.”

–Edward Bernays, 1928, U.S.A.

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New FCC Progress: thanks, Powell.
Tuesday February 03rd 2004, 5:43 pm
Filed under: metrics

So what’s the new news?  Why is it so hard to find steady updates on stories like this?  Should I really have to visit either a lawyer-geek’s site or a FCC-watch site to track the progress of related bills and proposals?

New FCC Progress: thanks, Powell. …

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Darl McBride to Chris Sontag
Tuesday February 03rd 2004, 5:36 pm
Filed under: indescribable

“I guess what they’re saying is that if we tone down the anti-GPL stuff a bit, we’ll look better.”

Darl McBride to Chris Sontag …

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Rock my naked body
Tuesday February 03rd 2004, 4:36 pm
Filed under: poetic justice

I love the Superbowl!  If not the fsckers who added the “you can’t rebroadcast, summarize, or talk about this event unless licensed by us” this year.  

“The chances of Jackson’s breast reprising its appearance at the Grammys are slim, however. Jackson is only slated to be a presenter at the Grammys. Timberlake will perform solo, presumably out of reach of any women.”   —E!

The guy was lining up to take the kick. He just looked totally confused,” Roberts said from his hotel room in Houston.  “I was there, naked, apart from a plastic American football over my nether regions held on with Sellotape, doing a Riverdance in the middle of the Super Bowl, and nobody was coming after me… so I started to Moonwalk.”  —New Scotsman  [ah, what you miss, watching on TV!]

Site Design otw
Tuesday February 03rd 2004, 12:55 am
Filed under: %a la mod

Delightful tabular blog.

Site Design otw …

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Amazing references
Monday February 02nd 2004, 7:26 pm
Filed under: %a la mod

Gary Price is my new hero of the year.  What a fantastic resource newsletter he maintains!  Just skimming through the most recent entries, I found something as good as the short-lived online course notes from a Chinese Literati class I once took and loved — A Visual Sourcebook of Chinese Civilization.  Now if only I could find one of those for american civ…

Amazing references …

Chinese radicals
Sunday February 01st 2004, 9:01 pm
Filed under: %a la mod

An index of them!  Fantastic. (added to overview below…)

Chinese radicals …

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