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Diigo Bookmarks 05/27/2008 (a.m.)

Monday, May 26th, 2008

Prefab-ulous: New Development in England Goes Up Green — and Fast Brief article by Andrew Blum about Oxley Woods, a development of “90 eco-friendly homes, with 55 more planned to fill its seven acres.” The key aspect? They’re all pre-fab, relatively cheap to build, can be built quickly, and have in-built green features. If Canada […]

Vancouver Sun article: “Shelters turned away homeless 40,000 times in nine months”

Friday, May 23rd, 2008

Ok, tell me you don’t find this story by Vancouver Sun’s Frances Bula rather alarming: Shelters turned away homeless 40,000 times in nine months? I wonder if there’ll be follow-ups, and whether the count that people were turned away 40,000 times over a nine month period is accurate. If it is, then that’s proof that […]

Building taller buildings: in wood, not reinforced concrete

Tuesday, May 13th, 2008

An article in today’s local media reports that British Columbia’s Premier Gordon Campbell is proposing changes to the province’s building code to allow wood-frame construction for buildings taller than 4 floors. Going higher … using wood Canwest News Service Published: Tuesday, May 13, 2008 A plan by the province to raise the minimum height for […]

Connect the dots: two articles by Miro Cernetig and Bob Ransford that should be read together

Monday, March 24th, 2008

The Vancouver Sun published two articles, nearly back-to-back, which make a lot of sense when read in conjunction: on March 22, we read Bob Ransford’s As cities become more complex, our taxes keep rising and on March 24 we read Milo Cernetig’s Approach to social woes a moral failure by all three main B.C. parties. […]

Daily Diigo Public Link 02/05/2008

Monday, February 4th, 2008

Affordable housing gap tops $1 billion (Toronto Star) Annotated tags: affordability, affordable_housing, funding, housing, municipal_funding, toronto “Canada is the only major country that doesn’t have a national housing strategy, the report notes.” The article deals specifically with Toronto and Ontario, but most of what it argues holds for every desirable (and expensive) city (including Victoria) […]

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