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  A 1795 woodblock illustrating on of the dances during the celebration of Hyegyoonggung Hong Ssi’s 60th birthday, called “Ch’oyongmu.” This mask dance is based on the tale of Choyong in the Silla period. From Korean Rare Book Collection, Harvard Yenching Library.

朝鮮變報 (Chōsen henpō) by 渡辺文京 (Watanabe Bunkyō), published in 1882.朝鮮變報&adjacent=1

韓語教程 Hanŏ kyojŏng

Time to learn some Korean… 韓語教程 Hanŏ kyojŏng by 橋本彰美 Kyobon Chʻangmi, 1906. This book is part of National Library of Korea – Harvard Yenching Library Korean rare book digitization project. For more titles, please see:

Medicinal recipes for horses and cattle

馬牛醫方(Mau ŭibang): A veterinary text by an Korean physician 趙浚 조준(1346~1405). Full version:

天下輿地圖 Chʻŏnha yŏjido

Hand-copied maps of the world from eighteenth-century Korea. Full version:

屁合戦絵巻 hegassen emaki

Waseda University in Tokyo is digitizing its rare book collection. We sincerely hope the work will be finished soon so that we can see more fascinating stuff like this one: 屁合戦絵巻 hegassen emaki, which depicts people fighting with each other by… 早稲田大学図書館 古典籍総合データベースグッズ “総数は約30万冊、国宝2件、重要文化財5件を含むあらゆる分野の資料を、具体的詳細な書誌情報と、鮮明なカラー画像でご覧いただけます。”

宿踐諸衙圖 Sukchʻŏn chea to

Sukchʻŏn chea to is a visual resume of a Choson Korean official, Han Pʻil-gyo, who recorded the places he had worked for through illustrations. For full digital version: For more information about the illustrations, see Kim, Sun Joo. 2012. 숙천제아도 Illustration of My Places of Work (Sukch’ŏn chea to 宿踐諸衙圖): A Visual Journey of […]

Why the Confucian Analects Is Not as Old as We Might Think?

Why the Confucian Analects Is Not as Old as We Might Think? Professor Michael Hunter from Yale University will give a talk in Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies at Harvard and tell you why. But no matter how old the Analects is, it is certainly old enough to be read by thousands of millions of […]

韓国濟州島旅行日誌 Journey to the Jejo Island

제주도, an island off the southern coast of South Korea, has been one of the most popular tourist destinations for Koreans and people from East Asia. This book, Han’guk Cheju-do yŏhaeng ilchi (Kankoku Saishūtō ryokō nisshi 韓国濟州島旅行日誌), records a four-month journey from Japan, via Busan, to this beautiful island in the early 20th century, with […]

Digitization projects of Korean rare books

  As part of a cooperative project between Yenching Library and the National Library of Korea, 563 titles of rare books were digitized from 2007. Examples: Chosŏn pigyŏl chŏnjip (朝鮮秘訣全集); Koryŏ yasa (高麗野史); Ahŭi yoram (兒戲要覽); Yumong mansŏk (豔夢漫釋); Yongsŏ chŭnggwang chŏngtʻomun (龍舒增廣淨土文); Yijo sahwa chʻoryak (李朝士禍抄畧); Mau ŭibang (馬牛醫方); Tae-Hanʾguk tae-Chʻŏngguk tʻongsang choyak (大韓國大清國通商條約)… Rare […]