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Keisei suikoden 傾城水滸傳

  In the early nineteenth century, a Japanese writer decided to turn all the male heroes in the famous Chinese novel The Water Margin 水滸伝 into female figures. Now you can find Harvard-Yenching library’s version of this entertaining, playful work Keisei suikoden 傾城水滸傳 on google books:

Toward an Archaeology of Distraction

An invitation from the Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies for this year’s Edwin O.Reischauer Lectures Toward an Archaeology of Distraction Shigehisa Kuriyama, Harvard University What is your take on distraction and what truly matters? On curiosity and distraction? On distraction as vice and enriching virtue? Here’s a fun challenge. Below are the title and […]

屁合戦絵巻 hegassen emaki

Waseda University in Tokyo is digitizing its rare book collection. We sincerely hope the work will be finished soon so that we can see more fascinating stuff like this one: 屁合戦絵巻 hegassen emaki, which depicts people fighting with each other by… 早稲田大学図書館 古典籍総合データベースグッズ “総数は約30万冊、国宝2件、重要文化財5件を含むあらゆる分野の資料を、具体的詳細な書誌情報と、鮮明なカラー画像でご覧いただけます。”


The extravagant fantasies of sex in Edo Japan have long been known as one of the most surprising characteristics of the era and keep amazing modern readers. You can now browse these impressive pictures online in 近世艶本総合データベース by Ritsumeikan University: The database collects 2,995 titles of Enhon, or erotic texts, from Ritsumeikan University, Nichibunken […]