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  Wherever You Are, Happy Mid-Autumn/Chuseok/Zhongqiu!

See how New York in 1937 looked like in the Japanese eyes. 島森進,紐育案內,紐育: 日米時論社, 1937.紐育案內&adjacent=1

朝鮮變報 (Chōsen henpō) by 渡辺文京 (Watanabe Bunkyō), published in 1882.朝鮮變報&adjacent=1

Want to know how Japanese learn to practice surgery in the eighteenth century? Visit this database of the medical library at the University of Tokyo, and you’ll find out: For more digital collections at the University of Tokyo:

Keisei suikoden 傾城水滸傳

  In the early nineteenth century, a Japanese writer decided to turn all the male heroes in the famous Chinese novel The Water Margin 水滸伝 into female figures. Now you can find Harvard-Yenching library’s version of this entertaining, playful work Keisei suikoden 傾城水滸傳 on google books:

Can the Subaltern Bark?

Today at the Reischauer Institute of Japanese Studies. March 15 (Friday), 4:00-5:30 p.m. Porte Room (S250), CGIS South Bldg., 1730 Cambridge St. “Can the Subaltern Bark? Dogs, Japan, and the Making of the Modern Imperial World” AARON SKABELUND, Assistant Professor of History, Brigham Young University Moderator: David Howell, Professor of Japanese History, Harvard University. Images […]

Toward an Archaeology of Distraction

An invitation from the Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies for this year’s Edwin O.Reischauer Lectures Toward an Archaeology of Distraction Shigehisa Kuriyama, Harvard University What is your take on distraction and what truly matters? On curiosity and distraction? On distraction as vice and enriching virtue? Here’s a fun challenge. Below are the title and […]

Sankō Gotei emaki 三皇五帝絵卷

A part of the Sankō Gotei emaki 三皇五帝絵卷, acquired by Harvard Yenching Library from Arnulf Petzold (Bruno’s son) in 1951. For the full image: The image is also included in Petzold collection of Japanese scrolls digitization project. For the full list of items in the project, please see

華岡青洲 Hanaoka Seishu’s Surgical Casebook

華岡青洲 Hanaoka Seishu’s Surgical Casebook, digitized by National Library of Medicine. You can now read the book online by using their “turn the page” system. Here’s the introduction to this amazing book from NLM website “A Surgical Casebook” is a manuscript of hand-painted pictures commissioned by Hanaoka Seishu, a pioneering Japanese surgeon who was […]

Yokohama matsudai banashi 横濱末代咄

Birth of a mixed-blood child of the foreigner kinmei urai and the daughter of sakubei, from 横濱末代咄 Yokohama matsudai banashi