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Can the Subaltern Bark?

Today at the Reischauer Institute of Japanese Studies. March 15 (Friday), 4:00-5:30 p.m. Porte Room (S250), CGIS South Bldg., 1730 Cambridge St. “Can the Subaltern Bark? Dogs, Japan, and the Making of the Modern Imperial World” AARON SKABELUND, Assistant Professor of History, Brigham Young University Moderator: David Howell, Professor of Japanese History, Harvard University. Images […]

Bao Juan Collection

繪圖十美圖寶卷, 上海 : 惜陰書局 from Harvard-Yenching Library Bao Juan 寶卷 Collection

屁合戦絵巻 hegassen emaki

Waseda University in Tokyo is digitizing its rare book collection. We sincerely hope the work will be finished soon so that we can see more fascinating stuff like this one: 屁合戦絵巻 hegassen emaki, which depicts people fighting with each other by… 早稲田大学図書館 古典籍総合データベースグッズ “総数は約30万冊、国宝2件、重要文化財5件を含むあらゆる分野の資料を、具体的詳細な書誌情報と、鮮明なカラー画像でご覧いただけます。”

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! Harvard-Yenching Library will be reopened on Jan. 2. We wish you all have a wonderful and productive 2013 and look forward to seeing you at the library. Photo: Yoshinobu Ikeda, The First Letter of the Year

世界萬国日本ヨリ海上里數王城人物圖 (Sekai bankoku nihon yori kaijo risu ojo jinbutsu zu)

世界萬国日本ヨリ海上里數王城人物圖 More Japanese Maps of the Tokugawa Era can be viewed in this UBC digital library. “Unlike most of the collections outside Japan, this collection does not contain many government or administrative maps. Its focus is on privately published and travel related maps and guides published in Japan during the Tokugawa or Edo […]

The Museum of Fine Arts

The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston has one of the largest collections of Japanese artistic works outside Japan. Some 11,000 Japanese postcards in the early 20th century, covering a variety of topics, are now viewable on its website. Many of them were used in the the Russo-Japanese War as propaganda, but there are other […]

Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam

More than 125,000 high-resolution images of works from the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, one of the leading museums in the world, have gone online, and free for all. Paintings and artifacts from East Asia can also be found in its collection. The museum invites the public to become the curator and use them creatively. We encourage […]

Tibetan Canon from Harvard-Yenching Library to be Exhibited at Museum of Fine Arts

Tibetan Canon from Harvard-Yenching Library to be Exhibited at Museum of Fine Arts! The exhibit opens on November, 16. The story of a Tibetan Buddhist canon—that dates back to 1410—from the Harvard-Yenching Library finding its way the Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) in Boston is intricate and enigmatic. An exhibit on Chinese Lacquer from 1200 […]

鷹繪圖 Takaezu

  This afternoon (3:30pm), the library is hosting a site visit for the Take Note conference. Many note-taking examples will be shown at the bibliography room, including 18th century Japanese Falconry manuscripts once held at the library of Matsudaira Sadanobu 松平定信, the famous Daimyo in the Edo period. Don’t miss it! Take Note conference online […]

韓国濟州島旅行日誌 Journey to the Jejo Island

제주도, an island off the southern coast of South Korea, has been one of the most popular tourist destinations for Koreans and people from East Asia. This book, Han’guk Cheju-do yŏhaeng ilchi (Kankoku Saishūtō ryokō nisshi 韓国濟州島旅行日誌), records a four-month journey from Japan, via Busan, to this beautiful island in the early 20th century, with […]