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Mapping Imperial China: A Cultural Exchange May 23 – September 30, 2013 Map Gallery Hall, Pusey Library Conventional narratives of East-West interaction in the cartographic sphere tend to portray the cultural exchange as a lopsided, tutelary relationship in which the more “primitive” society inevitably pays fealty to more scientifically sophisticated and objective standards of […]

天下輿地圖 Chʻŏnha yŏjido

Hand-copied maps of the world from eighteenth-century Korea. Full version:

Sight-seeing programme in Mukden

Ever consider visiting Shenyang, or Mukden, the largest city in Northeast China, and one of the former capitals of the Qing dynasty? We highly recommend that you bring this mid-twentieth century Lonely Planet with you to add some historical flavor to your trip. 瀋陽遊覽指南 = sight-seeing programme in Mukden

世界萬国日本ヨリ海上里數王城人物圖 (Sekai bankoku nihon yori kaijo risu ojo jinbutsu zu)

世界萬国日本ヨリ海上里數王城人物圖 More Japanese Maps of the Tokugawa Era can be viewed in this UBC digital library. “Unlike most of the collections outside Japan, this collection does not contain many government or administrative maps. Its focus is on privately published and travel related maps and guides published in Japan during the Tokugawa or Edo […]

宿踐諸衙圖 Sukchʻŏn chea to

Sukchʻŏn chea to is a visual resume of a Choson Korean official, Han Pʻil-gyo, who recorded the places he had worked for through illustrations. For full digital version: For more information about the illustrations, see Kim, Sun Joo. 2012. 숙천제아도 Illustration of My Places of Work (Sukch’ŏn chea to 宿踐諸衙圖): A Visual Journey of […]