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Digitization projects of Korean rare books


As part of a cooperative project between Yenching Library and the National Library of Korea, 563 titles of rare books were digitized from 2007.

Examples: Chosŏn pigyŏl chŏnjip (朝鮮秘訣全集); Koryŏ yasa (高麗野史); Ahŭi yoram (兒戲要覽); Yumong mansŏk (豔夢漫釋); Yongsŏ chŭnggwang chŏngtʻomun (龍舒增廣淨土文); Yijo sahwa chʻoryak (李朝士禍抄畧); Mau ŭibang (馬牛醫方); Tae-Hanʾguk tae-Chʻŏngguk tʻongsang choyak (大韓國大清國通商條約)…

Rare books digitized in this project are accessible through HOLLIS. Click the following link and see if there are titles of your interests!


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