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BBC interview this morning

I had the fun of being interviewed by Madz Kohime (BBC reporter Madeleine Morris) this morning at 5:30 GMT (that’s 1:30am here) about CyberOne, together with CyberOne student Masala Dosei (Patrick Engelman). Here’s the full BBC coverage of Second Life; here’s just the interview. I’m afraid I rather fluffed my part, as I committed the […]

CyberOne, Hub2 in Weekly Toyo Keizai

Journalist Misa Kurasawa from the Weekly Toyo Keizai met with a number of us a few weeks ago for a cover article about Second Life. The issue is finally out, and I think it covers the CyberOne and Hub2 courses. I can’t know, because the Toyo Keizai doesn’t publish the full article online, but the […]

State of Play session on education in virtual worlds

State of Play Session MP3 (large!) Below are raw-text notes I took at the education session at State of Play. I’ll write something more coherent when I catch some time. At right you can see Becca and me participating in our own ad-hoc backchannel via Berkman Island. Doug: transferability. Games as terrible environments, not for […]

Chatting a podcast in Second Life

Recently in CyberOne we asked each student to podcast an “empathetic argument” for their projects. Rebecca came up with the ingenous idea that we should listen to the podcasts in Second Life as a group so we could identify in what ways each podcast succeeded at this rhetorical form.

Techniques in Virtual Lecturing

Last Thursday I had the opportunity to lead a lecture/discussion in Second Life for CyberOne-Extension about relationships, networks, and how to build relationships through one-to-ones. The night before I had attended a training by Milosun Czervik on behalf of the SL Library Group on presentation tools available in SL. I picked up some really useful tools at the Milosun’s presentation, most notably a chatfeeder (works like a teleprompter — you pre-write the talk and press a button to “speak” each line from the text) and AngryBeth’s whiteboard

after action report: Creating Groups in Second Life

Last night we gathered the Extension School CyberOne troops to (a) give our law students a tour of Second Life, and (b) form their own project groups. I definitely learned quite a bit about logistical management in a MUVE: Here’s Becca and me standing in front of the assembled xSchool students (we had 23 total, […]

Article on CyberOne in the Harvard Crimson

[Link] Not bad, for the Crimson 🙂

Office Hours last Sunday in Second Life / CyberOne

I hosted our virst official “office hours” in Second Life for CyberOne participants (official or unofficial). It was a fairly typical chat session in Second Life. The caliber of discussion was extremely high. Here’s an excerpt (edited for clarity): [17:27] Rebecca Berkman: i am not sure we are arguing for replacing market-based activity, but possibly […]

CyberOne gathers on Second Life

We held our first synchronous gathering last night on Second Life, 9-10 and 10-11pm Eastern. (Needless to say, it was a late night for us). Our plan was to get the groups comfortable with the space if they weren’t already (some in our class are “non-techies,” others are Second Life veterans), start to get to […]

Legal MUVEs picked up in’s Legal Watch blog

SOPA and CyberOne both garnered some attention today from’s Legal Blog Watch. Hopefully with more people paying attention to the phenomena, MUVEs will gain some level of acceptance and become both potential media and subjects for legal study/teaching.