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BBC interview this morning

I had the fun of being interviewed by Madz Kohime (BBC reporter Madeleine Morris) this morning at 5:30 GMT (that’s 1:30am here) about CyberOne, together with CyberOne student Masala Dosei (Patrick Engelman). Here’s the full BBC coverage of Second Life; here’s just the interview.

I’m afraid I rather fluffed my part, as I committed the cardinal sin of focusing on the question rather than my prepared answers. I failed to convey the excitement of teaching and learning in Second Life as well as what it felt like in a way that listeners would understand. For whatever reason, when Ms. Morris asked what the class was about, I talked about the course topic rather than on the idea of CyberOne reaching out to a much wider audience than was ever possible before, in a deeper and more engaging way. Shucks!

There was a very interesting feeling of presence in the BBC virtual studio that I hadn’t quite felt before — perhaps because I knew this was being broadcast live in another channel. It’s too bad I didn’t find a way to work that feeling into what I was saying in the interview yourself — being radio, all of this has to be described, not just assumed.

Patrick was a real sport to join us at 1:30am (he’s also EDT) on Labor Day weekend, and I think he represented the student perspective quite well. Thanks, Patrick!

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