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Immersive Education Day presentation

Here’s the PowerPoint presentation for the talk I gave this afternoon at Immersive Education Day at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. [ EDIT: Link fixed. Sorry about that! ] [ UPDATE: The Chronicle of Higher Education reported on this event, and I’m mentioned near the end. ]

MiT / Popular Culture and Learning Environments

Tuula Nousiainen, Child-Centered Design of Game-Based Learning Environments : Example of why important “You get to say your own opinions and be active in these things.” Multidisciplinary perspectives: Pedagogical principles / Design of Technology / Game Content (overlapping between the two) Educational sciences (child-centered pedagogy) + Human-Computer Interaction (user-centered design) + Game design (player-centered design) […]

Media in Transition / Modes of Learning call session

I’m here at the Media in Transition conference at MIT. What follows will be my unfiltered notes from these events. 9:00-10:300 Session: “Modes of Learning” *** Storytelling as a Method for Teaching Research Methods Storytelling to convey complex ideas in non-complex way? Why? Entertaining. Benefits? Break ice Memorable Does not replace analytical thinking *** Remixing […]