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US Deputy CTO Beth Noveck on gaming and open governance

The Obama administration is looking seriously into how games and virtual technologies can advance national policy priorities, from energy use to financial literacy to citizen diplomacy, announced White House Deputy CTO Beth Noveck at the United States Institute of Peace‘s presentation, “Smart Tools for Smart Power: Simulations and Serious Games for Peacekeeping.” As one of […]

Social media pitfalls for law schools

A number of the yellow flags raised over the White House’s extensive use of social media might also be relevant to law schools. Specifically, what duty of privacy must law schools respect when they, or their professors / staff befriend students? Note that on Facebook law schools should set up “pages,” not “profiles,” so that […]

Social Media Best Practices Workshop at CALI Conference 2009

CALI is pleased to announce that it is convening a workshop to help law schools develop sensible guidelines for their students on the use of social media (e.g. MySpace and Facebook). A few examples of bad online behavior has made some schools understandably wary of technologies that might expose their students in an unflattering (and […]

Hub2 luncheon presentation at Berkman

In this presentation, Professor Eric Gordon (Emerson College) and Gene Koo (Berkman), together with the staff of Hub2, will describe Hub2’s progress and challenges in working this summer with the North Allston neighborhood to participate in the design of Honan Library Park, which Harvard University is redeveloping as part of its larger Allston project. Joining […]

Lewis Hyde on Fair Use for Educators

Lewis Hyde outlined the “Encroachment on the Commons” now underway in the academy. A basic dilemma facing educational fair use is that it’s stuck between too much specificity (cutting out potentially fair uses) and too much vagueness (leading teachers to avoid risk by stopping far short of fair use). To the extent that specific guidelines […]

Preview of Friday’s symposium @ Mixed Realities

The panelists for Friday’s symposium, “Real World Implications of Virtual Economies,” teleconferenced this afternoon to plan our discussion. We’re abandoning the usual format of having 20-minute individual conversations and instead, after a very short primer on virtual worlds and their economies, jumping straight into panel discussion and then open audience discussion. UPDATE: Second Life location […]

The ‘Net in 10: Virtual Worlds in 2017

I’ve been asked to give a very short (5 minute) talk next Tuesday at the weekly Berkman luncheon forecasting the shape of the Internet in ten years and, in particular, the future of games/virtual worlds. At the risk of being held accountable to these predictions in 5 days, nevermind 10 years, here is a draft […]

Harry Potter and the Humorless Lawyers

Fans of the Harry Potter series know and revile the character Dolores Umbridge, the noxious “High Inquisitor” of Hogwarts in The Order of the Phoenix. She uses increasingly oppressive and cruel efforts to control Hogwarts in order to quash independent thinking. Perhaps inspired by Umbridge, Harry Potter publisher Warner Bros is sic’ing its lawyers on […]

Berkman – CALI partnership

I’m excited to announce that, starting July 1, I will be bridging between the Berkman Center and CALI, managing a number of valuable initiatives of tremendous value to both organizations such as eLangdell, the Legal Education Commons, and the H2O learning platform. Unfortunately, that also means that I will be leaving my position as Director […]

IS2K7 and the copyright grand bargain

Floating in the air of last week’s Internet & Society 2007 conference was the whiff of a grand bargain between universities and the content industry: publishers give clear and broad fair use clearance (“transformative use”), and universities help publishers crack down on piracy (“consumptive use”). If such a bargain is truly in the works, it […]