Media Stars

Sports Stars since 2003
This is an ethnography on Japanese sportspeople who have become media stars: Olympic gold medalists, World Cup football players, Wimbledon players etc. This is a cooperative research in conjunction with Seoul Olympic gold medalist swimmer, Dr. Daichi Suzuki, funded by Juntendo University and supported by OAJ (Olympians Association of Japan).

☆Takahashi, T. and Suzuki, D. (2006) Sports as Global Media Events: Ethnography in ‘Self-Creation’ of Sports Stars. Journal of Health and Sports Science vol.10. pp.43-49. (in Japanese)

Kenji Ogiwara:
Nordic combined skier, Olympic gold medalist, member of House of Councillors
Shuzo Matsuoka:
Professional tennis player, sports commentator
Yuko Arimori:
Marathon runner, Olympic silver and bronze medalist
Masami Ihara:
captain of the Japan team for the World Cup
Kyoko Iwasaki:
Swimmer, Olympic gold medalist
Takehiro Kashima:
Japanese gymnast, world champion and Olympic champion
Kimiko Date-Krumm:
Professional tennis player (Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, US Open)

☆Takahshi, T.“OAJ News: Power of Olympian”. Olympians Association of Japan. 2005~ (in Japanese)

Hiroyuki Tomita:
Gymnast, Olympic gold medalist
Takehiro Watanabe:
Olympic table tennis player
Chiharu Igaya:
Skier, Olympic silver medalist, IOC vice-president, Honorary President of AIU
Takanori Kouno:
Skier, Olympic gold medalist
Daichi Suzuki :
Swimmer Olympic gold medalist
Tomomi Morita:
Swimmer Olympic bronze medalist
Teruji Kogake:
Triple jumper and sports administrator, Vice President of both the JAAF and the Japanese Olympic Committee
Chiharu Ichuo:
Wrestler, Olympic silver medalist
Kaoru Ichou:
Wrestler, Olympic gold medalist
Saori Yoshida:
Wrestler, Olympic gold medalist
Kyouko Hamaguchi:
Wrestler, Olympic bronze medalist
Yukiko Ueno:
Softball pitcher, Olympic gold medalist
Mizuki Noguchi:
Marathon runner, Olympic gold medalist
Hiroshi Nakajima:
Vice-President of Federation Japonaise D’Escrime