Toshie Takahashi is Professor, Waseda University, Tokyo.  She has been appointed as an Associate Fellow of the CFI, the University of Cambridge.  She has held visiting appointments at the University of Oxford, the BKC at Harvard University and Columbia University.  She conducts cross-cultural and trans-disciplinary research on the social impact of robots as well as the potential of AI for Good. She is currently leading two projects on youth and AI. The Goal of both projects is to contribute towards a vision of a future where human happiness takes centre stage.
The first one is “a future with AI” project in collaboration with the United Nation. The other project is the Moonshot R&D program by leading the Gen ZAI project, engaging youths now for a global AI future.  Finally, Takahashi sits on the advisory committee of the Information and Communication Council, Ministry of the Internal Affairs and Communications, Japan.