Project GenZAI

Engaging Youths Now for a Global AI Future

We’re fast entering the age of Artificial Intelligence (AI) – and the generation of youths we call Generation Z (Gen Z) are the ones who will be at the forefront as its main beneficiaries and users. Project GenZAI recognizes this trajectory and seeks to explore the shape of a global AI future through the lens of Gen Z.

Project GenZAI is a global research project – reaching out to 10,000 youths in eight countries. It will conduct cross-cultural research on attitudes towards AI, the needs for AI, design of robots, the future of work, AI literacy and AI ethics, the risks of AI and the future of AI society 2050.

GenZAI (genzai) means Now in Japanese. It underscores the urgency for the project: the future of AI society in 2050 is happening right now.

The project is a collaboration with CFI (Leverhulme Center for the Future of Intelligence) at the University of Cambridge, the Stanford Social Media Lab and others.

☆ Project GenZAI is a part of the “Moonshot R&D projects” (PD: Toshio Fukuda, President of IEEE; PM: Shigeki Sugano, Dean of Faculty of Science and Engineering, Waseda University) funded by the Cabinet Office, Government of Japan.