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the evidence to prove it
the question to ask
what is the game
who are the players

[this is the entire session of cyberone: hold’em history with howard lederer and crandell addington — a wonderful hour (the opening sequence with crandell addington previously posted is followed here now by howard lederer in discussion with andrew woods and my real-world avatar.]

vision for nov 10
we are building poker university to take full advantage best we can of the utility of poker in education. we gather people together who have been educating in and through poker and in and through the strategy of learning and teaching with games of skill. we bring them together with people of technical and business skill who can build the environment we design. we invite singapore (both govt and game conference) and the harvard pitf program, gambit and the gaming coders. we invite the online poker industry and its founders. we invite them to a meeting in second life on Berkman Island and on the net at and if they can come in person or want to send their designee in Austin East on the Harvard Law School campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States of America, Planet Earth.

our mission is to set the specs for the university we are building.

read Christopher Costigan. he’s right on..

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