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Tim Hwang

To Whom It May Concern:

Tim Hwang is a prime candidate for law school and for the legal profession. He sees and understands social networks. He is a student of how to build them. He understands that the structure of a functioning social network in the integrated media environment of cyber space is connected layered interests to a single focal point each object and audience for the others. He sees this in the structure of argument that makes a winning message in the space.

I refer you to his blog description of a breakfast at my house as my evidence.

Tim explores how social forces manifest themselves, for better or for worse, in technology and law. He thinks about how economic and social forces influence the design of the internet.

Tim is skilled in organization and detail-oriented work. He enjoys dealing with logistical problems, assembling resources for a
project, and collaborating with others towards a goal. He is a valuable person to have on your team. I have asked Tim to help me design and build a social educational network with poker thinking at its core. I recommend him.

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