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Monthly Archive for September, 2007

going in to cyber one

outside hauser 102 reviewing unpublished drafts and publishing some, feeling the doubts that previously held me back melt away. dersh walks by and looks me over. hmm. so yes, this is a story i should be telling.

i met this morning with ann, a gbh producer, who may help.

deval do you play poker

massachusetts for casinos is tacky. massachusetts is for educated gambling. casinos includes gambling on both games of chance and games of skill. massachusetts will teach our gamblers how to gamble with skill, from the shores of gitchugeeme, from lottery tickets to poker chips, we will draw together those who are drawn to the skill and fun. i am a teacher. i teach law. i am massachusetts. i see casinos real and virtual as my classroom. deval patrick my student. let our classroom continue.

i am eon, d of c
i found

i found poker university on berkman island
i declare poker strategic thinking classes to begin

*Oct. 15: Poker – a Game of Truth in Life and Law

with Crandell Addington, Howard Lederer and Andrew Woods

*Oct. 16: Rhetorical Poker in the World Trade Organization: Antigua v. USA

with Simon Lester, Steven Donziger, Jonathan Cohen, Joe Kelly and Charles Nesson

*Nov. 5: Internet Freedom: The Power of Poker and the Consumer Electronics Industry

with Maura Corbett, Vijay Raghavan and Dan Walsh

*Nov. 6: Internet Responsibility: WE are the LAW

[to be continued and further developed by my students and supporters.]

cyber i – cyber i&i

cyber i

cyber two is me and you

each of us in cyber one took on a project in addition to the project of our selves
cyberone was itself our project

now cyber 2 is ours, yours and mine to create together

i provide a frame and an example
you follow right along with yours
move right past me
do the walk of life

i teach law as narrative in which you are a character in the story
i teach the architecture of rhetorical space

start with don quixote and the story of mort zuckerman’s satellite dish
asymetrical litigation in the court of public opinion