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From: Charles Nesson
Date: Oct 25, 2007 10:52 AM
Subject: Re: Fwd: re Professor McDew
To: “Andrew M. Woods”

Who do we exclude. Let’s think back over our history and include everyone who can help us and who would be interested in coming and participating, and if you are worried about budgeting the cost of flying everyone in and putting them up at hotels, let’s turn the default the other way: “please come if you can, but you have to pay your own way.” Except for commitments already outstanding I don’t see a problem with that. Make it really nice for them when they get here.

I see a conference keynoted by macmanus and sexton with the sessions in discussion format moderated by you and me, dedicated in process to fred friendly and in substance to Bob Moses and John Doar. I see the room full of people who have worked at educating through and about poker. I want to invite them by saying come talk with me and Andrew about how to design our school. I want to explore collaboration with full tilt and world series in the formation of an educational environment built to my specs, including code of conduct, “absolute” transparency, state-of-the-art registration and tracking, return of part of the rake to the university and country of player origin, with instruction and tests and freeroll tournaments at which kids earn a stake, start at the bottom and then move up in stake only as they earn from that point forward. Earn and learn. I want to do it as an incentive based program for learning.

I’d like lunch at the hark and food-for-thought dinners (are you familiar with these) at local restaurants, followed by a charity poker tournament in the hark. Invitees may write a check to charity for any amount as an entry fee, the tournament to be played for the pleasure of place of finish and for the honor of the bracelet, awarded as a prize. I’d like every attendee to get a lance armstrong type bracelet designed for gpsts. This event should be covered by media and could be amazing. I’d like to urge as many of the poker players who were in dc as possible to come up for some or all of the day’s events.

This conference is a tremendous opportunity for us, as well as challenge. We have captured a lot of attention. We should take full advantage of it to further our mission.

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