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win or lose you pay your dues

we are all playing poker
are you scared

in tawfiq’s paper which i now cringe at having graded B+ in which he taught me that writing a blog is like praying, speaking to god, your audience your complement in rhetorical space

for clarity like that straight A

we feel divinity in the net, feel it in the unity of complement, the elegance of something whole made from the threads of rhetoric

epiei the moniker with which today we bought a low power fm transmitter perfect as they advertize for pirate radio bound for kingston where we are perfectly legit

88.9 fm radio bound for jamaica coming out of kingston
let’s see what you got
dred scott asking if he is a citizen
dred scott telling you he is

so sorry that i have not seen jeremy or y.s or juan carlos and all of is2k
a conference is a format
this was fred friendly framed by keynote to conversation
let us think of it as just that
a menu of attraction that could be replicated and improved upon and served by every university
charles ogletree tomorrow at Brown University on what we do with our understanding of our human genome
every school an issue with passion at its core played out in civil discouse as the framework for the form

university lies in the civility of the discourse coupled with a spirit of mischief probing for the deeper truth

suppose tawfiq that instead of coming from an environment of openness in which poker is played as a national game and democracy is our government’s core
you are of a fundamental society from the perspective of which open democracy each man each woman judging truth seems chaos

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