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Daily Archive for Friday, June 1st, 2007

is2k7 – out from under chatham rules

me: colin, are you on
Colin: yes sir!
sitting next to dorothy z.
me: hey!!
Colin: hi – how’re you doing?
me: pls say hi
wish i was there
how is it going
Colin: us, too.
well – tree’s been great, your message was perfect, mary did a great wrap on yesterday and jp is raising a lot of imp questions.
audience is pretty quiet so far
hoping they’ll jump in starting w/q a
me: how full is the room
Colin: pretty full – probably 80%
me: not bad
Colin: lots of repeaters from yesterday
it’s good
me: what was the vibe at the end of yesterday
Colin: hmm – it was pretty good…
i think the bok/hyman
and ff sessions were great
the first sessions were pretty productive
and the last ones could’ve been better – we
weren’t proscriptive enough
and w/so many issues on table
i think there was some wheel spinning, return to old arguments
rather than a reframe
i’d give it (hard grader that i am)
me: do people have thoughts about how to pull together better?
Colin: i think karim will do a good session this afternoon
he wants to take on
knowledge beyond authority
i think that’ll be good
and david w. will do a good wrap
i think yesterday was good – but a reality check:
lots of shared zones in some areas
some real contention, too
uptake on ideas of norms
but fear from lords: advocacy for drm, for university enforcement, etc.
which was not welcomed
indeed, some advocacy for digging in against it.
Sent at 10:07 AM on Friday
me: if you had to pick out one issue on which there was joinder and prospect for moving forward
Colin: the low hanging fruit seemed to be norms/procedures for fair use
the question is whether content folks
will give that up (even in their interest)
w/out enforcement.
but i think that’s trust building across sectors
mutually beneficial (reduce lawyer loads/uncertainty)
hopefully productive (more neat content)
but also will be tricky
me: are the reed elsivier folk still there
Sent at 10:12 AM on Friday
Colin: not sure – dreamt about ys chi, who i didn’t find in afternoon – i think mark seely is
Sent at 10:13 AM on Friday
me: could you get whatever corp folk together for a face to face conversation
Colin: and ask them if they’re game for that?
me: or do you think i could ask them by email to reet me in second life
i want to ask them to help us put together a norms generating meeting using our invitational power to do it on an agenda of their choosing
Colin: i think that’s a longshot – unless they’re sl’ers
one question – is whether we need to do an internal norm setting first
or start in dialogue w/them
concern being that we don’t have our own ducks in a row.
me: norms are positive
we have that duck in a row
uncertainty is killing us
Colin: agreed
me: except the lawyers
Sent at 10:17 AM on Friday
Colin: any objection to picking them off one by one?
me: no objection
Colin: i’ll give it a whirl – agenda of their choosing?
norms around fair use or wider?
Sent at 10:20 AM on Friday
me: tell me this is being recorded
ethan’s observation wonderful
terry martin perfect
Colin: it is
me: yes we are on both sides
yes we are reed elsivier as well as we are harvard mit
citizen professor
citizen student
that’s what those dots are
knowledge above authority is the knowledge that our challenge is to govern ourselves
knowledge above authority is norm that we live by without a stick beating on us
norm generation is self governance
now we are talking
terry dramatic pause
Colin: this is JP
me: this question terry is on is right on
Colin: I want to channel you for the close to this session
me: hi jp
Colin: what should I say
me: fantastic
let this discussion go
who is speaking
is this harry
Colin: was Harry yup
me: did the harvard interactive media group pass out their magazine
who now
Colin: not sure — student I think
now Nolan Bowie
Sent at 10:30 AM on Friday
me: right on nolan
Colin: colin back now
me: hey colin, i’m loving this
Colin: great – ball is rolling now!
me: who is this
Colin: dunno
this one either – i know him, but don’t remember his name/affil.
me: nolan let’s start by connecting cambridge
colin i’m imagining this going up on my blog out from under chatham rules
like i’m speaking through you to the conference
Colin: no rules today!
me: this guy, who is he, he’s great
Colin: i was thinking about your mail
me: network of networks, harvard mit, …, university
Sent at 10:37 AM on Friday
Colin: of last night – i think you just need to take out the names – or clear it with them…
no chatham today
me: ok

hey tree, jp, ethan,
i was on im with colin listening and watching the video stream
i’ve posted the chat to my blog
with thoughts about dots and knowledge and such

you have put the questions out there beautifully
ethan just beautifully coming in behind
his comment an essay to be written
terry and harry lewis and terry martin and others whose names we need to for post edit
solid and wise
and bless nolan for bringing it home

thank you
i’m off to the operating room
hope to be back by the end of the afternoon

each dot is a citizen of cyberspace
gene koo is i hope bringing in for a landing our effort to connect the dots with the dred scott question of citizenship into our start at a new kind of casebook from a new concept of university
connecting us back to 1998 Internet & Society