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Daily Archive for Friday, June 22nd, 2007

cc ogletree cc lessig

steve, here are my thoughts. we are at a turning point in the history of civil rights forall people. we expect a ruling from supreme legal authority that the government may not use race in giving advantage. no government affirmative action.

ogletree and i see kids out there who we know we coulde teach how to learn. tree and i are teachers. we want to teach straight to the disadvantaged. i want to teach playing poker. follow on the the algebra project. follow on from marley marcus garvey.

we want to ask the children of jamaica to help us teach the children of america how to play poker and how to participate as a citizen of cyberspace.
we want to ask the other way around. if we learn to gether we will play a helluva game.
time for citizens to gether

to gether, to come together

we would like to teach our offering in a sweet and elegant online environment expressed openly in embrace to law
open in law code norm

that is a code environment we have not built yet, thinking of it as an ideal educational environment in which to teach poker in the manner of a school in which i am dean and ogletree principal.