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{ Monthly Archives } January 2004

For Dave Winer & Company

     Pulling on Dave Winer’s open thread…      I like that phrase out of Sigmund Freud: “… the narcissism of small differences.”  Meaning: we have (and enjoy!) the fiercest arguments with the people we most nearly agree with on everything.  So I toss my carrots into the opinion stew here with the feeling that we are all […]

After New Hampshire

Here’s what I’m learning: For those of us who like the sound of “Internet democracy,” who yearn for political and cultural renewal and “transformation,” the entrenched obstacle is not the old politics. It’s the old media. Of course the 2004 campaign has been about media all along. If our politics has been about only One […]

The Blogging of the President 2004: the Radio Show

NOW HEAR THIS: The Blogging of the President: 2004, a live radio special      Sunday January 25 from 9-11 pm EST, from Minnesota Public Radio and airing on public radio stations nationwide (here’s a list of stations playing the program). Christopher Lydon will be hosting the first sustained blog conversation on network radio and you’re […]

Case Reopened: Blogging after Iowa

      Does anybody here know how to play this game? as Casey Stengel asked about his New York Mets.       Did the Internet draft the wrong candidate?      Did John Kerry and Iowa kill what we call “the transformation”?       Are we back (in New Hampshire) to a conventional slugging contest in the old media […]

The Truman Show

Dateline: Iowa City, from Chris Lydon and Matt Stoller This is Dean’s speech at the Iowa Memorial Union: Part One Part Two.      Listen to the Dean rally at the Iowa Memorial Union and hear what we saw: Dean’s campaign is as modern on the ground as it is on the web. All the others […]

The Sound of the Surge: Campaign Notes

Dateline: Iowa City, with my BOPNews colleague Matt Stoller. You can listen to John Edwards’s speech at the Dubuque County Democrats here: Part One Part Two Part Three You can listen to John Kerry’s speech at Iowa City here: Part One Part Two Part Three      The sense we’re hearing from Iowans is this: “we’ve […]

The Soul of a New Machine

     Listen here: Zephyr Teachout may dazzle you (as she does me) with her electrical charge, her theatrical pauses, her whimsical word play–her attempts to invent a better word than “citizen,” for example, or to unpeel the phrase “common purpose.” She may well impress you as the chief of Howard Dean’s Internet operations, the queen […]

The Talk of Iowa: Hope on the Wind

     We came to Iowa for home truths of the heartland and got a stiff surprising dose this morning.  In his songs of the prairie–“so beautiful, stark and real”–singer-songwriter Pat Hazell invokes the memory of Brewster Higley, who wrote “Home on the Range,” and the novelist Willa Cather.   He was playing harmonica and piano, and […]

Checking in with the Inventor: Tim Berners-Lee

     It is Tim Berners-Lee’s world; we just live in it.  But you’d never get that impression from Sir Tim himself, the man who invented the World Wide Web barely a decade ago with nary a thought of power or glory, fame or fortune.  He runs the World Wide Web Consortium from a modest academic […]