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{ Monthly Archives } June 2003

A Fifth Gospel Writer, too

Check this out from Jimmy Breslin in Newsday: “I am thinking that it could be time for me to begin thinking about leaving this news business. It is not mine anymore. Let me tell you why.“        A lot of people are writing to me today and saying: thank God for Jimmy Breslin.  Amen.  In my crowd, we’ve always […]

A God for Bloggers

    Ralph Waldo Emerson on his 200th birthday this spring is “closer to us than ever,” writes the great Harold Bloom.  He is a man for bloggers to embrace most especially, not for Emerson’s glory but for our own understanding of a transformative moment we are living through.       Poet, public intellectual, performance artist and […]

Defenestration on 43rd Street

    This is tragic.  This is silly.  This is nuts.      The Howell Raines downfall turns on a mix-up (inside and out) of molehill and mountain.    The media crisis in the country (and in its greatest print-era newspaper) has next-to-nothing to do with the sins of a pathetic little conman, Jayson Blair.    It […]