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{ Monthly Archives } July 2003

Instajournalism: Glenn Reynolds’ “functioning anarchy”

     Instapundit speaks.      Here’s the most interesting thing about Glenn Reynolds–more interesting, I think, than his opinions: in the liberated information bazaar that’s supplanting the old journalism in this blog moment, the most successful broker of political news and views never had a “press” card, never rode the campaign bus, wouldn’t be recognized in […]

Spoken Word: Original Sin in the Modern Middle East

     Steve Kinzer of the New York Times talks as well as he writes: here.     We’d all have been more suspicious of the Bush and Blair neo-imperial fantasists, spinning their Anglo-American self-esteem into a Middle Eastern quagmire, if we had a speaking acquaintance with our own history.  But who today mentions the CIA’s catastrophic overthrow […]

Spoken Word: What do they know of blogging…?

     Kipling’s line was: “What do they know of England who only England know?”  Mine is: “What beyond blogging do we bloggers care to talk about?”  Presumably: everything.        Here’s a start with a little light summer conversation on a gap in American defenses that the 9.11 attack revealed.  It’s the matter of homeland security, seriously, without the capital […]

David Sifry: “An incredible lesson in civics…”

     David Sifry talks with me for a half hour here about his Technorati page.       Continuously reading more than 700,000 Weblogs, introducing writers to their readers and noting just who’s linking to whom, Technorati is for me the simplest clearest sketch we have of the coming wonderworld.  I depend especially on the rolling count of the “Top 50 Interesting Recent […]

Doc Searls Speaks: I think Kerry is outahere…

     Metablogger Doc Searls votes Liberal, bets Conservative, and in both dimensions picks Howard Dean to win the presidential campaign in 2004.  “The hyperlinked underdogs are going to subvert the isolated overdogs every time,” Doc forecast in our conversation this afternoon.   The only real question is whether the citizenry will be effectively networked by the end […]

Doc Searls Speaks: I think Kerry is outahere…

“searls2”      Metablogger Doc Searls votes Liberal and bets Conservative. 

The Local-Global Blogger: Ed Cone in Greensboro

      Blogger Ed Cone of Greensboro talks here about the several intersections he overlooks.  That is: junctions of the public and the personal (which every blogger faces) and more particularly the contrasting voices of a newspaper columnist and a blogger (he is both) and the opportunities for a local conversation in a global medium.      Ed […]

David Weinberger: “My Bubble Never Popped”

      Here we go again (a) in the spoken-word tour of the Blogosphere and (b) in the soaring of spirits around the Internet in general.  Isn’t it beginning to feel just a little like 1994 again?       There are three conversations here with the penetrating, poetic and passionate David Weinberger.  He is not just an exemplary […]

Eugene Volokh and the Opinion Marketplace

     Can it be–a humble blogging star?  Listen in.      Ringleader of the Volokh Conspiracy, UCLA law professor Eugene Volokh, runs a cracklingly smart and comprehensive team blog that got a record 17,000 visits last Friday.  The page has the high conversational hum of a crowded coffee house, full of lawyers who love to talk about real life, too.  It feels to me […]

“We’re Desperate for these Conversations”

     The “spoken word” tour of the blogosphere continues.  Here is the poet and provocateur Jim Behrle’s walk around the blog landscape–for poets.  You can check Jim’s own blog (as I do, every few hours) at Jim’s Monkey.  Jim is master of the revels at the Wordsworth bookstore in Harvard Square, also a Red Sox fan, a skillful writer […]