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{ Monthly Archives } July 2004

The Media Transformation

     For my money the wisest of the media watchers, Jay Rosen of NYU and PressThink, made three essential points in conversation this morning about the Democratic convention.     1.  “The bloggers, for all their faults and shenanigans and self-absorption, really were the news at this convention.  They represented the new.  And that is why they […]

Blogger Talk

     Political bloggers remind you of the folk legend about the bumble bee and the MIT engineers.  On precise measurement of such things as wing-span, body weight and overall shape, the aerodynamical experts concluded with certainty that the little bug could never fly.  Fortunately the bumble bees never got the news.     Neither did the bloggers, […]

Forever Amber

     Amber is not indifferent.  She’s just numb.  Listen to her convention commentary in her own voice.     People ask me continually about the radio talk show legend, the ferociously articulate caller who tangled on the air with the best (including Gore Vidal, Camille Paglia, William Safire, William F. Buckley and Harold Bloom) and bested them […]

Forever Amber

What’s Really New in Boston

Listen up. Here’s the story that the newspapers and networks are missing in all the cute coverage of Boston, the Democratic convention city. Ready? For the first time in almost thirty years, Boston is free of the thuggish Bulger brothers. James, known as Whitey, is the FBI-licensed serial killer, belatedly on the top of the […]

The State We’re In

     If everything and everyplace in the world can be categorized as either German or French (as Ned Rorem argues), what is Massachusetts?   Or if (as the late Isaiah Berlin had it) all the world is to be divided between foxes and hedgehogs, what is this old Bay State?       Robert David Sullivan has offered Democratic convention-goers a […]