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The Blogging of the President 2004: the Radio Show


The Blogging of the President: 2004, a live radio special

     Sunday January 25 from 9-11 pm EST, from Minnesota Public Radio and airing on public radio stations nationwide (here’s a list of stations playing the program). Christopher Lydon will be hosting the first sustained blog conversation on network radio and you’re all invited to join in.

     The purpose is to air out the internet effects that the political campaign has suddenly made obvious. We want to encompass the new voices and communities, the critique of institutional journalism, the expressive possibilities beyond politics, the doubts, the hype, and the truth.

     Among the guests will be Atrios, Andrew Sullivan, Josh Marshall, Jeff Jarvis, Frank Rich, and many more, including you, if you’ll tune in, phone in, or just blog it as we speak. If this were a political campaign, which it’s not, the slogan would be: Take back the conversation.

The Details:

     Check your local listings to see if your local public radio outlet will carry the show. If not, we urge you to inquire of your own public radio station about their carrying the program. Here’s a list of stations that have committed to carry the broadcast:

WBEZ, Chicago
KERA, Dallas
WGBH, Boston (Hour 2 only)
WZBC, Boston (Hour 1 only, cross-promoting to WGBH)
WAMU, Washington DC
KUOW, Seattle
KNOW, Mpls/St. Paul
KOPB, Portland, OR
WNKU, Cincinnati
WCAI/WNAN – Cape & Islands Public Radio
WHRV, Norfolk, VA
WNED-AM, Buffalo, NY
Yellowstone Public Radio, Montana
Vermont Public Radio
WPSU, University Park, PA
North Country Public Radio, Canton, NY
KRWG, Las Cruces, NM

     If you live in a different area, find your station and encourage them to carry the program:

     Or, get it streamed over the web at: We will also list all streams on BOPnews on the day of the show. We welcome all suggestions and questions. Post them here in the comments or email As soon as we know the call-in number, we’ll let you know! This is your show, bloggers, so pass this link around:

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