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WebCred attendees

“A lot of conversation is emerging on the conference blog site
regarding who has been invited and why…”  By first name (see
also the official list):

[AJ] Alex Jones         (pic)     Shorenstein: Director, policy prof
[AN] Andrew Nachison     (pic)     API Media Center: Director
[BB] Bill Buzenberg 
    (pic)     MPR: Senior News VP
[BM] Bill Mitchell
          (pic)     Poynter Inst: Dir. of Publishing
Bob Giles      (pic|2)  
Nieman Foundation: Curator
Brendan Greeley (pic) Site editor, mwm
Brooks Jackson(1)  (pic)     Annenberg’s Dir
Cameron Marlow     (pic)     Blogdex: creator, Media Lab
Carrie Lowe(1)              ALA: Internet Policy Specialist
[CL] Chris Lydon        

[DG] Dan Gillmor          (pic)     Grassroots Media Inc.
David Sifry        (pic)     Technorati: Founder, CEO
[DWein] David Weinberger(1)(pic)     Woody Allen: comedy writer
[DWiner] Dave Winer      
(pic)     Scripting News: editor
Ed Cone(1)         (pic), Ziff Davis
Edith Holway(1)    (pic)     Shorenstein: PA
Elspeth Revere              MacArthur: General Program Dir
[EZ] Ethan Zuckerman    (pic)     Berkman: Fellow
Faye Anderson      (pic)     Political analyst
Jack Shafer         (pic)     Slate: Editor at Large
Jan Schaffer       (pic)     UMD’s J-Lab: Executive Director
[JaneS] Jane Singer        
(pic)     UIowa Asst Prof
[JR] Jay Rosen         
(pic)     NYU,
[JJ] Jeff Jarvis          
(pic) president
Jill Abramson ’76  (pic|2)   NYT: Managing Editor
[JK] Jim Kennedy
(1)     (pic)     AP: Dir of Stragetic Planning
[JW] Jimmy
Wikipedia: Co-Founder
Joe Trippi         (pic)     Dean campaign manager
John Bracken            MacArthur: PO
[JH] John Hinderaker
     (pic)     Powerlineblog
[JP] John Palfrey       
(pic)     Berkman: Executive Dir
Jon Bonne          (pic)
[JZ] Jonathan Zittrain ’95 (pic)   Berkman: Faculty Co-Dir
[JD] Judith Donath
      (pic)     Media Lab: Sociable Media Dir.
Karen Schneider(1) (pic)     Librarians’ Index to the ‘net: Dir.
Kathy Im           (pic)     MacArthur: PO, General Program
Lee Rainie         (pic)    
Pew Internet & Am. Life Project
Linda Garcia       (pic)     Georgetown: Culture, Comm, & Tech.
[OS] Orville Schell(1
(pic)     Berkeley School of Journalism: Dean
[RMack] Rebecca MacKinnon 
(pic)     Berkman: Fellow
[RK] Rick Kaplan(1)    
(pic)     MSNBC: President
[RW] Rick Weingarten(1)
(pic)     ALA Office of IT Policy: Dir.
[RC] Robert
Media Bloggers Ass, Nat’l Debate
[SJ] SJ(1)              (pic)
[ST] Susan
Duke: Journalism prof
[TR] Tom
Comm. of Concerned Journalists: VChair
Walter Bender ’77   (pic)     Media Lab: Executive Dir
[XQ] Xiao Qiang         
China Digital News: founder
[ZT] Zephyr Teachout
     (pic)     Berkman: Fellow

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