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Lavi 01  —  Aging with time, youth to death, certain skills expand with mastery of realworld trivia (music, craft, geography/direction, herbalism), age can be suspended with expensive cryogenics while away, rejuvenated with elixirs of life, and rendered irrelevant by final death [with perhaps the possibility of warped, limited undead life].

   Gear, language, geography and maps, race and culture, animals and plants and natural disasters are all from reality, present and historical, throughout the ages (not a cultish period piece).  Details matter to survival and comprehension. 

   Bodies change significantly, continuously — puberty and growth, skill development, active body manipulation, cosmetics and disguise and illusion, injury and metamorphosis.  Injuries of all natural kinds are possible — to external limbs, internal organs, pulse and breath, all the senses (distortion and removal), sixth senses (and hypersensitivity).

   Natural spells affect the landscape.  Rare spells are indeed rare — hoarded and traded, difficult to transcribe to a tome.  Grand spells are similarly rare — requiring items unattainable in bulk — and affecting life, atmosphere, weather for miles or even continents around.  Cantrips are just that – made to look just like real spells, without the final side effects. 

  Illusions of all kinds exist — what people think of their own traits, of the world around them, of dangers and safey, of others — with significant side effects, even unto coma.

  Battle spells are serious and penetrating.  Clothing, skin, gear, terrain can all light on fire, become acidic or swampy or icy, vision, sound, and smell can be hazed or whited/blacked out by explosion, smoke, glare, flash, or splattering goo; distractions as a side-effect can alter reaction times, concentration, grip. 

  Psychic interaction is deep and startling.  Overlays of psychic or astral impressions, clairvoyance and clairaudience are powerful interfaces,  conveyed with care. 

  Figuring out what is happening around you is a major aspect of life.  Smell, touch [both via description] and especially sound are extra diagnostics to help clarify what you can see around you.  Reflexes help save you from disaster and surprises, and can be enhanced with practice and spider-sense.


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