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On Public Trust and Quality Control : Reliability, Currency, and Collective Properties

I’m working on a series of essays about trust and reliability. Some of the tidbits that come up as it develops are delicions, particularly when considered in the context of parallel discussions on and about Wikimedia projects.


  • [OCLC] Who reviews card catalog submissions? see the infamous OCLC Cake – an apple cake recipe hidden inside an OCLC record, which has been deleted and restored many times.
      I wonder what their deletion log looks like, and is it public?


  • and currency: In late May?, there was a Yuan-revaluation mixup, where a weekend editor publishing a small note in a popular paper started a snowball effect leading to international currency-market turbulence for a few hours.

Civilization and Law:

  • Leaving cars unprotected on streets. Living in neighborhoods, cities, and countries where homes and cars are left unlocked.
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