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Tall Tales

There are all kinds of tales out there; the quick folk tale has taken on musical and visual forms, and an amazing permanence — many cute tales and subtales (such as urban legends — coyotegirl — or just memes — hamsterdance concept, music) become tokens that are inserted for years in the appropriate places in public discussion, writing, art.  Instead of waiting for occasional anthropologists to come along in 40 years and scrape up 1% of today’s tall tales, we can scour them ourselves from the common archives. 

Please submit any I’ve left out [particularly other repositories of modern folklore, online or off, which I should mention here].  Note that parodies, a common form of art, aren’t new tales in themselves; they usually grow out of a combination of current tales and the tale, story, or work of art being parodied.

  • Bizarre: Cows With Guns
  • Uplifting, glorious: TVM’s FlyGuy
  • The mid-90s Spot thriller may have spawned a new genre 
  • Visuals: coyotegirl , spiders (and much Farley work).
  • Audiovisuals: The hamsterdance . Dare I even include a link?
  • Video: CWG, above …


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