S3:18 – Allegiance

Some annoying aliens kidnapped Picard, and he was smart. There was some annoying alien that thought they shouldn’t do anything, along with a crazy monster. There was also a Starfleet cadet that knew too much, and she turned out to be the meanie alien. They taught the aliens that they shouldn’t capture people after containing them in a purple containment circle thing. It was fine, nothing exciting. At the end it was funny because Dr. Crusher was looking funny at Picard.

S3:E17 – Sins of the Father

This is the one with Warf’s brother. Everyone thinks that Warf’s father betrayed the Klingon people. Warf lost because the Klingon Commander was hiding that the other mean Klingon’s father was the traitor.  Warf isn’t a Klingon any more, I bet that was probably hard because he can’t go back to his home planet again.

S3:E16 – The Offspring

This was a very sad episode, poor Data! His daughter died, I don’t get why they turned her off, what’s wrong with having emotions? The Star Fleet guy was like “It’s just a machine, it doesn’t have proper surroundings to learn stuff.”  She was malfunctioning and started to have emotions, he made her too good – and she used a contraction.

S3:E15 – Yesterday’s Enterprise

This one was sort of confusing because I didn’t know why the ship changed, but then Daddy explained it to me. So the Enterprise had changed and was still at war with the Klingons because 22 years ago some ship didn’t save a Klingon base so the war continued. Yar was still alive! Yar went on to the older ship and umm I don’t know. I forget. She kissed one of the guys that was 22 years older than her, sort of weird. He shouldn’t been like 50 something, she was kissing an ancient person. Our Enterprise was darker, different uniforms, stuff like that. There was no Worf or Troi, poor Troi. I liked that episode a lot.

S3:E14 – A Matter of Perception

The starbase that Riker was going to to check out something waves exploded after he left. The scientist guy’s wife? and his assistant accused Riker of exploding the base. It was actually the scientist because he didn’t like Riker. I don’t need to add anything else, I don’t want to talk about this episode.

S3:E13 – Deja Q

That’s a funny name – “Deja Q.” So Q comes along again and says he lost all his powers. He’s really confused, he doesn’t know how to eat, he gets back pains, he thinks he can order people around. He’s pretty funny. Some aliens that didn’t like Q because he tormented them came along and were zapping him, destroying the ship. Q went out into a shuttle and aliens attacked him, but then another Q guy came along and gave Q back his powers because he said he was improving because of his selfless act. It was really funny because they were remarking at each other.

S3:E12 – The High Ground

It’s always with these rebel guys, these episodes. Crusher gets captured, these rebels are using teleportation thing that messes up their health. The leader wants Dr. Crusher to help them, but she says she can’t and gets mad at him. The rebel captures Picard and is going to kill him, then they find the spot and saves everybody. I liked that episode.

S3:E11 – The Hunted

That guy who had extreme strength, he’d been genetically altered. His instincts would kick in whenever he was in danger, flipping full grown men in the air. Then Troi was being friendly with the man and he didn’t like it. The Enterprise just said “Bye-bye. Your problem!” when the soldier guy got back on the planet.

S3:E10 – The Defector

Right, the Romulan guy was set up with fake information. He came rushing to the Federation, to Picard and was like “OMG! Some evil Romulans are going to come destroy you on some planet.” Then suddenly they figured out he’d been given wrong information and it was just to test his loyalty, and he failed horribly.