S2:E5 – Loud as a Whisper

I feel bad for him. His friends died and he has to use sign language. He’s in love with Troi – he seems odd but he turns out to be a good guy. He thinks he’s so great and that’s why his friends die, because he thinks he can talk his way out of everything.

S2:E4 – The Outrageous Okona

He’s totally Han Solo – they even call him a rogue. They think he. . . did stuff. He gets the two young people to marry, because the girl was mad at other boy so she lied about how the father of her baby was and wouldn’t marry him. It was a good ending, they got married.

S2:E1 – The Child

Riker has a beard! Why does he have a beard this time? The little boy is cute. He grows really fast and he’s 10, then he dies. He’s a little glowy-thing. He wants to know what happens, he’s not being mean.