Public Radio Fundraising Redux

I hereby release this idea to the Public Radio fundraising community:

When an individual contributes during an pledge drive, that individual gets a personalized URL / link / token / podcast whatever that gives them the live broadcast with all fundraising appeals stripped out.

Yeah, it’s not that simple I’m sure. You’d have to either be out-of-sync timewise (to make up for the total time taken up by the fundraising appeals) or you’d have to fill the space with some other content.

I bet this’d be an attractive option to many, though. Rather than the weak “we’ll end the fund drive right now if enough people give” pitch, each individual would end it for themselves when they pony up.

GitTorrent – git repos with distributed file storage.

My mind has been sufficiently blown.

Free software source code hosting with political resiliency baked right in – I guess you’re already immune to political strife when your code is “free as in speech.”  This strikes me as fitting the “trust but verify” adage quite nicely.

The powers that be aren’t going to mess with my perfectly legal free software, but <caveats status=”applied”>restricting my ability to code what I want isn’t going to faze me when it’s replicated across a bajillion nodes. </caveats>