S2:E11 – Contagion

I was sort of freaked out at this one, because I thought the Enterprise was going to blow up and they were going to separate the saucer again. Data got the whatever-they-were-called’s program inside him and it was trying to take him over. Is Riker starting to get fat? I don’t want him to, I like his eyes and he’s cute.  I want one of those cardboard cutouts of Riker and Yar.

S2:E10 – The Dauphin

This one was freaky! There was this girl that was going to save a planet from a war, two cultures were fighting each other, and she turned into a monster. Wesley was in love with her. The old monster was obsessed with protecting the younger one. The part where Riker and the lady from the bar were talking with each other like they were in love was weird, I couldn’t figure out if they were serious or not.