YaCy – a p2p search engine

So I’m running a YaCy node – which is a pretty awesome project to create a search engine indexed “by the people, for the people.”

YaCy provides a java servent  that can index internal resources and external web pages. You have MANY controls over what and how it’s indexing and the resources allocated to it. There are tons of built-in analytics and logging for the stats geek in you.

It’s still rough, but seems damned promising.  A bonus – it uses jQuery and Solr.

I really like the idea of indexing all the content you care about and also providing that index to the world at large to search, but I have concerns over the long-term impact of more ‘bots crawling the web. I would like to see YaCy figure out a way to minimize it’s impact on a global level – if every yacy node is indexing the same sites, it could easily escalate to a DDoS-level problem. Perhaps they’re already working on this issue.

“Why I use the GPL” by Zed Shaw

An interesting read that I think is spot-on.

I don’t see any statement that clearly says “this rant is mainly because I chose the wrong license for Mongrel”, but beyond that his points about the GPL fostering contributions is 100% correct.

I dunno. I tend to choose the “default license” of the language / framework I’m building in: maybe I’ll need to rethink that.

GitTorrent – git repos with distributed file storage.

My mind has been sufficiently blown.

Free software source code hosting with political resiliency baked right in – I guess you’re already immune to political strife when your code is “free as in speech.”  This strikes me as fitting the “trust but verify” adage quite nicely.

The powers that be aren’t going to mess with my perfectly legal free software, but <caveats status=”applied”>restricting my ability to code what I want isn’t going to faze me when it’s replicated across a bajillion nodes. </caveats>