S3:E10 – The Defector

Right, the Romulan guy was set up with fake information. He came rushing to the Federation, to Picard and was like “OMG! Some evil Romulans are going to come destroy you on some planet.” Then suddenly they figured out he’d been given wrong information and it was just to test his loyalty, and he failed horribly.

S3:E8 – The Price

Troi gets all lovey with one of the negotiators and he asks her to run away. I think the negotiation was just a background for the lovey part. Riker set the guy in his place and told him to go away, “Troi deserves better than you” or something. The negotiator was an empath like Troi. He was hot though.

S3:E7 – The Enemy

This one was the LaForge episode. I like LaForge a lot, so this was a good episode. The radiation was messing up the Romulan, and LaForge couldn’t see any more because his, what is it called?, visor wasn’t working. No, his connection with the visor was messed up. They had to work together to make a thing to find the orb thing the Enterprise sent down and to change it to signal. Pretty good one.

S3:E6 – Booby Trap

It wasn’t very interesting, some radiation that was on some speary things that was messing up the Enterprise’s computer. They couldn’t control the engines any more, like the other ship that was like 5000 years old. I don’t even remember how they fixed it.

S3:E5 – The Bonding

Well, a crew member dies and she leaves her son behind. Then some person pretends to be his mother and changes the room to look like their home on Earth.  And then Worf does the weird Klingon ceremony and they both become brothers because they are both orphans. Worf actually starts to show a bit of emotion. Good episode, cute kid.

S3:E4 – Who Watches the Watchers

So this one had a lot about Vulcans. First time we met Vulcans.  There were some Vulcans that were worshipping Captain Picard because they thought he could bring them back from the dead. Troi and Riker went down and the Vulcans wanted to sacrifice them. Then Riker got away with one of the injured people from the lab explosion but Troi was left behind and they almost sacrificed her. Then they shot Captain Picard and he almost died. I like Vulcans, they brought the Vulcan leader onto the ship and persuaded her that they were all the same and that some day they would have the same powers.

S3:E3 – The Survivors

I didn’t like this one because it made Troi have a song stuck in her head. There was a guy and everyone else had been destroyed, he had his wife and later they figured out that he was a powerful being and he had created everything. He was making the song in Troi’s head so she couldn’t figure out the truth. I liked it besides poor Troi who had stuff stuck in her head.

S3:E2 – The Ensigns of Command

This one was really weird. The Shelliac wanted the human colony to get off and there was a stubborn human guy that wouldn’t leave the planet. The Shelliac were going to destroy them but they finally went away. Data was trying to persuade them and he made a -~*girlfriend*~-. I like this episode a lot, because of the girl. She was really smart and cool, and Data made a -~*girlfriend*~-.

S3:E1 – Evolution

I don’t remember this one well. . . Wait, nanites like blowing up the ship and messing with everybody. Data figures out a way to talk to them and they slowly start evolving so that they go inside of Data. They talk through Data. That’s it. Crusher’s back!