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Vegan Hiccup

Someone asked me yesterday how the vegan thing was coming along and it reminded me that I hadn’t updated the blog in awhile. I am still mostly vegan, but ran into a problem when I kept getting canker sores. I haven’t had one of those in like 15 years, but within two months of being vegan I’d had two, each taking two freaking weeks to go away. Suspicious of the timing, I googled for a connection to veganism, and found lots of others have the same problem after giving up meat. And I asked a vegetarian friend and she said “Oh yeah I get those all the time.” Hm.  All evidence is anecdotal but those things are so excruciatingly painful that it was worth it for me to add a bit of meat back into my diet to avoid it. About once a week I’m eating some fish or chicken and this is entirely unscientific but so far I’ve had no recurrence. Apparently canker sores are a bit of a scientific mystery and no one knows what causes them, but they suspect a B12 deficiency, B12 being found exclusively in animal products. So, that’s that. Still mostly vegan and definitely still no dairy, and the world would be a better place if everyone ate meat just once a week.

Speaking of which, today I made a lovely bruschetta out of some campari tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, and some gorgeous-smelling fresh basil from my aerogarden. Yum.

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