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Harvard has decided to shut down the blogs of those who no longer are affiliated with the university…understandable, and I was surprised they allowed us to keep them for so long anyway. I left Harvard in 2006! I blog so rarely that it’s not a tremendous loss, but does make me a bit nostalgic for the old blog community. It ran its course and now a new generation of people with things to say has moved to Youtube. Only recently, thanks to my young nieces and nephews who are Youtube-obsessed, did I discover that there is a major community of Youtube vloggers out there very similar to the former blogging community I once enjoyed. They post daily, tag each other, link to each other, and hustle to gain subscribers and views. A few break out and become stars. Same story, different platform.

I’ll be exporting all of this content, though I don’t know if I will bother to import it to a new blog, considering that I don’t have much to say any more. Don’t look for a Youtube channel from me, it won’t be happening.