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Return of the Ape

ape returned to pay his bill.>

This House is Ape-Free

I lied, I don’t really have anything else to add to my previous post about Collateral. It’s good. That’s all.

I spent the holiday weekend doing mad cleaning. It’s amazing how much more pride you take in the appearance of your home once you no longer hate the people you are living with. This place is spotless.

I found bottlecaps in all the most unreachable areas. I found a beer can in the back of a bathroom shelf. I found a cache of flattened cardboard beer cases in a storage closet.

But they also left an air conditioner, a gas grill, a toaster oven, a George Forman grill, and two weedwackers. Oh, and a penis-carved coffee table.

Ape Art For Sale

They left behind the precious woodcarving. For sale to the highest bidder. Or to whoever wants to take a sledgehammer to it in my back yard. Your choice.