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Spam and Waste

Had to put a 30-day limit on commenting because WordPress seems to have stopped blocking spam or something and I don’t want to be deleting hundreds of emails every time I (infrequently) update this thing.

But here’s an update: watched HBO’s John Adams, which was kind of bad but I was quite transported by the set design. So I watched the “making of” bit on the DVD and was kind of sickened by the amount of waste that goes into making a big-budget Hollywood film. They razed a stretch of land and actually built a mini Boston, tons of wood and bricks and all that. What happens to all this material when the production’s over? I hope it at least gets reused for other productions. But either way I was suddenly struck by how wasteful moviemaking is, all for the sake of make-believe. Check it out for yourself:

And just for kicks here’s Tracy Jordan/Morgan on 30 Rock in his Jefferson film, clearly a John Adams parody:

Drunk History

I am crying from laughing at this.