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Defending My Integrity

Apparently there is now some tv commercial out there that has a guy in
a dumpster being swept away by a trash truck. WTF? I would just like to
state for the record that I get no tv reception so had not seen nor
heard of this commercial until two friends told me about it, I had the idea first!

Dumpster Movie: Exegesis

Here’s one man’s take on my dumpster movie:

I thought the man in the dumpster represented the soul, sunning itself in divine light and finding beauty even in the most unlikely of places, a dumpster, and the man showed the limitations of his judgements to not respond to this, and he let his soul connection be lost as he let the dumptruck take away his opportunity for enlightenment. Clearly a mystical movie, I see Jim Carrey in the feature film version.

and another:

I thought he represented the masses in their confinement of ruling class ideology (the dumpster) and Sean, the meta representation of said class. Clearly represented in his privileged gaze- outside and ABOVE the aforementioned ideology, the man looks on with detached, even bored apathy, as the masses are swept away in a sea of garbage. Clearly this is a film about the media.

Is Netflix Worth It?

This is cool: Netflix History Analyzer. Paste in your rental history (which Netflix will email to you if you request it) and the program will tell you in detail if you’re losing or saving money. For me:

“Your average price per rental was approximately $1.73 each. You’ve saved approximately $747.26 over your membership lifetime or $28.74 per month.”

Of course, this assumes that I would still be renting as many movies if I didn’t have Netflix. And I probably wouldn’t. Still, it’s neat to know.

Stig of the Dump

Seasull takes out my trash. A slideshow.

Making Movies Is The Most Fun

Stay tuned for clips, stills, and more…

Murakami @ MIT

Did anyone actually get in to the Murakami talk at MIT last night? Everyone I’m talking to had the same experience as we did–they showed up very early to get seats and it was already packed full, one person said they were kicked out because people without seats were booted, no standing room/sitting on stairs allowed. Who are all these people who showed up hours early for this thing? Some busload of Murakami fans from another dimension?

Here’s some photos of the crowd, before the police showed up to kick out everyone without a seat: I actually see someone I know in that photo, the fucker.

And an account of the talk here:

UPDATE: An inside source tells me the police turned away 1300 people. The room held a bit over 500.

Move Over, The Office

New favorite British comedy: Little Britain.

Thanks to seasull for tipping me off. I’ve been going around talking to myself in a British accent the past few days thanks to this show.