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Dumpster Movie: Exegesis

Here’s one man’s take on my dumpster movie:

I thought the man in the dumpster represented the soul, sunning itself in divine light and finding beauty even in the most unlikely of places, a dumpster, and the man showed the limitations of his judgements to not respond to this, and he let his soul connection be lost as he let the dumptruck take away his opportunity for enlightenment. Clearly a mystical movie, I see Jim Carrey in the feature film version.

and another:

I thought he represented the masses in their confinement of ruling class ideology (the dumpster) and Sean, the meta representation of said class. Clearly represented in his privileged gaze- outside and ABOVE the aforementioned ideology, the man looks on with detached, even bored apathy, as the masses are swept away in a sea of garbage. Clearly this is a film about the media.

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