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In more ways than one. I almost didn’t post about this because they’ve booked him into a tiny room that fits about 40 people and has such poor circulation that it gets VERY HOT when the room is half-full, but here goes. Andrew Bujalski will be at BU to show Mutual Appreciation, and Rachel Clift, one of the co-stars and one of my former BU grad school colleagues whom I interviewed about the film here will also be at the event. But even more amazing is the note that he is now teaching film production at BU. Score for my alma mater! Here are the details:

Friday, January 27-AN EVENING WITH ANDREW BUJALKSI-BU proudly welcomes its new film production instructor Bujalski, whose acclaimed “cult” movie, Funny Ha Ha, was named one of the Ten Best Films of the Year by the New York Times. Bujalksi will offer a sneak preview screening of his new comedy feature, Mutual Appreciation, prior to its release, a sublimely eccentric story of a post-grad guy who moves from Boston to NYC and seeks a drummer for his two-person indie band. The chief love interest in the movie is played superbly by Rachel Clift, ex-BU film graduate student. She will be joining Bujalski for the Q&A. 640 Comm.Ave., BU College of Communication, Room B-05, 7 pm.

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