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Do You Ever Just Groove On Yourself?

I would just like to say how much I love my new hair. Today I decided
not to tax my anti-frizz styling products in this frizz-inducing
weather and so I let it go back to the curls rather than straightening
it. And I have an electrified, slightly Bride of Frankenstein look
going on with these blond chunks amid the curls which, now shorter, are
tighter and stand out further from my head. It’s so cool.

And the stud in my nose just caps the look perfectly.

*Bonus points and maybe a kiss to the person who can identify what film I am quoting in the title of this post.

3 Responses to “Do You Ever Just Groove On Yourself?”

  1. Alex D
    July 8th, 2005 | 10:57 pm

    ‘Chelsea Girls’, right? (If so when & where do I collect those points & kiss)?

    Found a link to your site a site a few days ago via GreenCine Daily….Just want to make sure I have the right person here: Were you one of the TA’s for Sabrina Zanella-Foresi’s ‘Understanding Film’ class at BU a few years back?

  2. cynthia rockwell
    July 9th, 2005 | 8:54 am

    ha! yes that’s me! were you one of my students? and good job on the film quote–you are correct. at least i think you are, i know it was a warhol film and i think it was that one but they have blended together in my head a bit…

  3. Alex D
    July 10th, 2005 | 1:17 am

    Yup, Spring 2000 semester…watching Psycho three or four times in a row, “discussing” (I don’t think my section, myself included, was very talkative or responsive bunch) Andre Bazin and the ‘male gaze’ in B06, viewing a bootleg copy of Todd Haynes ‘Superstar’, John Korty’s Crazy-Quilt, and Michael Gondry-directed Bjork music videos; yup, good times.