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More Movie Geek Love

Cinematical picked up on my post about a Netflix/ dating service, and in the comments someone pointed out that it already exists: Matchflick!
And Netflix also has its Friends feature, which I have never actually
utilized so I don’t know anything about it. But I’m guessing it could
be extended to be more Friendster-like.

But someone else at Cinematical pointed out that they prefer not to
hang out with people who have the same movie taste as they do, because
they are usually pretentious snobs. I don’t specifically agree with
this, because I tend to lose respect for people when I hear they like a
movie I loathe, unless they can offer a good defense of their tastes.
But I can understand this guy’s impulse–I tend to not like
movie-obsessives in general, and prefer to hang out with people who
know about stuff I don’t know about. I guess the ideal person for me is
someone who knows how to talk intelligently about film but doesn’t feel
the need to do so all the time.

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